How to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots

Sweating is a natural process. This is also for the safety of man. Our feet have covered with sweat glands that regulate temperature and heat.

Your feet will sweat even if you are changing your work boots regularly. But wait, follow the proper procedure to keep out of this problem.

I was confused reading some articles on the internet. Multiple blogs covered much advice that conflicts with each other. I will tell you the best ideas to keep your feet dry in work boots.

Tips to Prevent Sweating While Wearing Work Boots

Knowing this, you will be happy that sweating in work boots is now the old thing. You will be happy knowing you can keep your feet clean and fresh by applying our tips. I have covered this much precise but broadly with each aspect.

So forget about sweating feet. Let’s get dive into the tips.

Breathable Boots Are Good

Works boots are usually a bit heavy due to their safety features which can increase sweating. Breathable work boots increase the ventilation process. You can minimize the sweating process efficiently by wearing good breathable work boots.

You can choose work boots with mesh lining and moisture-wicking feature that helps to breathe well and absorb moisture, and finally, it keeps your feet dry.

Use Foot Power

Your breathable work boots will not fully help you to keep your feet dry. You need to get additional help from some other things like foot powder. 

Treat your feet with anti-fungal powder, that will help your feet cooler in socks. It also absorbs your sweat and reduces irritations from its antibacterial properties. Make a routine to do it before wearing boots every day.

Foot Hygiene

Regularly cleaning your feet is the best way to keep your feet free of sweat and odor. Some special soaps and lotions penetrate the pores and save them from smelling. Wash your feet whenever you take off boots.

Keep changing your socks daily, and one extra thing is to use boots on alternate days if you have more than one pair.

Moisture Wicking Accessories

You have to wear moisture-wicking socks and insoles. They absorb the moisture of your feet and keep them dry and fresh as they are directly in contact with your feet. It will wick moisture effectively.

Yes, if you are already using mesh lining or breathable work boots so, you don’t need the insoles.

Good Eating and Drinking Habit

There is a misconception that more water drinking cause more sweating, but water drinking maintains your body temperature and will cause reduced sweating. So, drink a good quantity of water or fluids and maintain healthy body weight.

The fatty body is another major cause of sweating. So, that’s why health coaches recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to maintain weight. When you succeed in keeping your feet cool, your feet will automatically be dried.


How do I stop moisture in my work boots?

Dry your boot with the help of some powders like baby powder, or Talcum powder. You can use these powders in your boots to absorb moisture and also will help in wicking sweat. Using any of them, never forget to remove residue at the end of the day daily.

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